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(Natural Selection)

Born Adam Baker, son of a musically talented father and artist mother he was destined to be a great musician. Growing up listening to David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Thomas Dolby shaped his love for music at a young age. At the age of 16 Adam first heard Drum and Bass at a rave and wanted to replicate the energy and excitement he witnessed first hand. It wasn’t until years later when he had the opportunity to express it first by DJing. At the age of 20, he bought his first set of turntables and a mixer. Quickly learning and understanding the techniques of mixing music, a year later he was given the opportunity to play out. He knew all along that he wanted to create his own music and that being a DJ wouldn’t be enough to set himself apart from rest of the world. Little did he know, that a chance meeting in a neighborhood record store would launch his career as a producer. He didn’t stop at Drum and Bass but ventured into Hip Hop, R&B, Techno, House and everything in between. He doesn’t believe in pigeonholing himself in one genre and always produces music by feeling and bpm. Currently he is working on multiple releases with Robert Manos in many different genres. Keep an eye out for him and these songs.

DJ Strife
(Driven AM | | Natural Selection)

Music is her life. Drum and Bass is her passion. Erica Munday, A.K.A. DJ Strife, has had a love for music for as long as she can remember. It’s that feeling that when you close your eyes and simply listen…the whole world disappears. Strife’s involvement in the U.S. underground music scene started back in 1994 when she was only 14 and attended her first rave. After this one night she knew right then that this music was something that truly touched her soul and would be a part of her life forever. She soon thereafter was going to every event on the east coast that she could, which eventually lead her to her next natural step…promoting. She started promoting for one of the largest event companies on the east coast, Park Rave Maddness. And by the time she was 16 she had made enough contacts in the scene and wanted to continue going forward by learning how to DJ – to be that person that controlled the crowd’s inner feelings by taking you on a journey with the music they wove together. At first by playing fast-paced Hard Trance and Hard Acid music that got the crowd going, but eventually at 19 while in college in New York for Audio Recording, switched to her growing love for Drum and Bass.

2003 brought the way of House DJ, Fame and his Simply Bangin’ Productions which merged Strife and Fame together for combined efforts in weekly events in NYC. By joining a night of House and Drum and Bass music this allowed them to bring both styles of music together in one place. Also in 2003 Strife got linked up with all female crew Sister NYC (the NYC chapter of successful San Francisco group). Right away this combination of all genre woman DJ’s and MC’s connected with her, and knew together they could really make a dent in furthering woman and their place in Electronic music. Being interviewed for Los Angeles collective Technotreff’s nationally distributed “Girls of Techno” DVD also gave her a chance to speak her mind on the empowerment on being a female DJ. Hosting and playing at events all the way from New York to Miami to Brazil to Germany to London and back again, Strife continues to push the Drum and Bass sound that she strives for everyone to hear and feel.

Strife’s flow of Liquid Drum and Bass sounds infused with Brazillian flavor and vocal tunes make her track selection stream together with each blended mix. As well as being endorsed by keyboard company Korg, Strife has performed all over nationally and internationally at such events as the DEMF, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, at renowned UK monthlies “Therapy Sessions” & “Metric”, and touring in Brazil and Germany alongside heavyweights such as High Contrast, Bad Company, Dylan, Loxy, & B Key, Patife, Andy, Drumagick, and Mickey Finn. In addition, she has taken part at conventions in Nashville, TN for the NAMM show, at Madison Square Garden in her residence of NY for product demos, and in Miami for the WMC, Winter Music Conference, with Sister USA.

(Natural Selection | NJ)

Co-founder of Natural Selection, one of NYC’s newest Drum & Bass promotion crews. Deeply-rooted in Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul and Jungle Drum & Bass. House and Techno are kept on his radar as well. A lover of all styles of music and eclectic in his selection, prepare to hear anything and everything in his sets and prepare to share in the good vibes.


Raw Q
(Driven | Bingo Beats | Direct Drive | Natural Selection | UK/NYC)

Raw Q aka DJ Beau is one of NYC’s original Drum ‘n Bass djs for 12 years and counting. He began producing back in ‘96 with DJ Ani (formerly of Deee-Lite) for DJ Soulslinger’s Liquid Sky Music Label. In 2003 DJ Beau evolved into Raw Q. In the last few years Raw Q has released music on prestigious labels such as Zinc’s Bingo Recordings, Grid Recordings and will soon be releasing ‘Caspian Moon’ on Aaron Jay’s new label Influence Records. His tracks have earned support from DnB’s most respected DJs and artists including LTJ Bukem, Zinc, Roni Size, Flight, Randall, Fabio, Bryan Gee, Bailey, Krust, Marky, Marcus Intalex, L Double and many more. His track ‘Vital Soul’ took the DnB world by storm when it first appeared on dubplate and managed to reach 11th place in the BBC’s Global Dance Charts in 2004. Raw Q continues to DJ as a resident of Direct Drive and as a frequent guest DJ and supporter of Camouflage and other quality NYC DnB parties.


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